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The Slow & Active Traveler's carry on clothing packing list

Curious about long-term travel, but not sure how you’d ever figure out what to pack?

Not into the digital nomad lifestyle, but would love a solid travel capsule wardrobe you can take anywhere?

Interested in a solid list of clothing items that will take you from your workout to the museum, from a Zoom call to a wine tasting? 

I’ve got you.

I’ve been a carry-on traveler for decades. I’m not sure exactly when it started, but I remember showing up for my 6 week study-abroad experience in Spain back in 2003, lugging a backpack, a duffel, and a suitcase, and thinking: never again.

In later years, I had the chance to travel quite a bit both for work and for pleasure, and the freedom of knowing I could carry my belongings with me easily up stairs and across cobblestone streets, and never worry about whether my bag would make it to my destination, more than outweighed the desire to have an extra wardrobe option or two.

When we started planning for our current long-term travel lifestyle, I went in search of digital nomad packing lists for women, and I’ll be honest, it was a bit frustrating. Whether this is an SEO limitation or something more widespread, most of what I found was:

  • targeted at men
  • full of things I don’t wear or use in daily life, much less when traveling
  • entirely black
  • expensive, lightweight, fast-dry clothing
  • aimed at more of a vacation lifestyle, rather than a remote working / slow living reality
  • required me to buy new things instead of shopping my own tried & true wardrobe
  • focused on the latest trends and not as relevant for a forty-something woman on the road

So, I decided to put together my own list based on decades of experience, whether that was traveling out of small suitcase or living in an Airstream (yup, we did that for a few years, too.)

And I’m so excited to share it with you! You can get your free copy of my packing list by clicking right here. 

For more resources, including links to some of my trusted travel products and brands I love, be sure to check out my resources page.

And if you’d like even more detail, down to the brand and specific item link for the items I’ve brought along, I shared that with my paid subscribers over on Substack. That’s where I write in longer form pieces about the personal travel experiences we’re having, and if that’s something you’re into, I’d love to have you join me there, too.