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Only In Bigfork (print)
Get Outside! (July 2018)

Outdoor Women’s Alliance
Becoming an Ultra-runner: A Journey to 100 Miles (July 2018)

Telling A Bigger Story: Lisa Slagle & Wheelie Creative (November 2017)
Learning to See the World (November 2017)

Yogacara Global Yoga Teacher Training Blog

Four Things I Learned Teaching My First 100 Yoga Classes In 100 Days (April 2018)
Paying Attention: Practicing Svadhyaya as a Yoga Teacher (July 2017)

Whoa Mag
Cultivating Bravery (February 2017)

The Adventure Junkies
Best Belize Liveaboard Trips (July 2017)
How to Train for Skiing (April 2017)
Snow Glove Liners 101 (March 2017)
In 2009-2010, I worked as a bookseller at a fabulous little independent bookstore in Norfolk, VA, Prince Books. While there, I wrote a few freelance articles for local community site

Profile on Local Author Mike D’Orso
A 2009 Opinion Piece on Book Pricing
One Bookseller’s Perspective on Books of Note 


Over the summer of 2016, I had a creative practice of responding to Reddit Writing Prompts. If you’re interested, you can find my contributions here. I’d love your comments or feedback.

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