I’m a big believer in the power of story — the narrative lens through which someone experiences the world around them and creates their own best life.


Living a good story.  Telling a good story.

How can I help you craft your best narrative today?

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My Creative Services

Your Brand Story - Essentials

You complete an intake form, then we have a 30 min meeting (in person or via video call). You walk away with an updated brand mission statement, a social bio, and a brand map

Your Brand Story - Professional

The Essentials + additional brand content: your brand story (a 500 word bio you can use on your website or marketing materials — anywhere you need to tell your story) and a one-month draft editorial calendar based on your brand map.


As our brand has evolved, so has our story. Being in the weeds of our business, I was struggling to update our company story to reflect where Bumbleroot is and where we’re going.

Enter Holly, the magic word maker. We sat down for an hour while I downloaded my thoughts and dreams for our business. After just one iteration, we had a new company story that now guides Bumbleroot and easily explains to our community who we are.

Founder, Bumbleroot Foods

What is a Brand Map?

A brand map is a one-page document I create, summarizing your key audience and an approach to communicating. You’ll have a handy cheat sheet of:
  • Your Target Audience(s)
  • The problem(s) your product or service solves for them.
  • What makes you unique (i.e. why they should pick you over the competition)
  • Keywords for your brand
  • Content format suggestions (blogs, social media stories, infographics – what will be your best format?)
  •  Channel suggestions (website, social media properties, etc. Where do you need to be?)
  • Suggested content creation solutions (including referrals as appropriate)

Original Content - Monthly Package

1x 30 min call to discuss your content calendar and 4x pieces of content (blog posts, newsletters, or other content piece discussed during our consult) delivered in a batch. Includes sourcing a free commercial use image for each piece.

Original Content - quarterly Package

2x 30 min call to discuss your content calendar and 12x pieces of content (blog posts, newsletters, or other content piece discussed during our consult) delivered in 2 batches of 6. Includes sourcing a free commercial use image for each piece.


What is content?

Content is any method you use to communicate with your prospective customer. For some people, content means social media posts and stories; for others it means blog posts or e-books. YouTube videos are content; so are letters sent via the mail.  Content is information, communication, entertainment.
I specialize in persuasive, informative, and motivational content most often seen in blog posts, websites, newsletters, and other forms of client communication.

    Looking for Web Design & Technical Services?

    I do that too alongside my husband as a part of GlacialEscape, LLC.


    We specialize in creative and affordable tech solutions for your small business or organization. Whether you need a new website, to clean up your technical holdings, or assistance with installing or configuring your home or business network, we can help with that!

    Take Me To The Tech!

    Holly helped to create my dream website!  With her keen attention to detail, high level of professionalism, creative suggestions and ability to listen to my needs, she was able to develop a website that was above and beyond my true vision.  She works with honest vigor to design the website you want and is a valuable resource for you to create your dream business.


    Owner, Saffron Sun Healing Arts

    Healthy Living

    Better Beauty

    I’m a Beautycounter consultant because I believe in the mission of this incredible company to advocate, educate, and sell incredible value and the satisfaction of safer ingredients.

    I am completely in love with my Beauty Counter products! My skin feels and looks better than it has in YEARS. Thank you for giving me the push/opportunity to try it!


    Fundraising Professional


    I teach private and group yoga classes in the Flathead Valley, as well as guiding yoga for private gatherings and retreats. Join me in a group class or book me for your bridal shower, girl’s weekend, or other event!

    Holly’s passion for wellness is evident through her patience, professionalism, and exceptional yoga instruction. As a beginner in the yoga space, Holly has guided me through modifications with poses, breathing techniques and overall appreciation for the practice. I look forward to Holly’s classes and guidance! 


    Owner, Max's Market

    Hi! I'm Holly

    Raised in Colorado & Montana, I’m a writer, yoga teacher, simple-living advocate, and seeker of adventure. I love to travel and have visited 43 states and 40 countries… so far. In addition to my work as a creative, I’m also a Beautycounter entrepreneur and co-founder of Camp CoWork.  I’m an INFJ, Type 7, Hufflepuff and if I had to describe myself in one word, I’d say I’m a connector.


    Why work with me?

    I have over 15 years of experience writing professionally in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Words have always come more naturally to me than any other type of communication — whether it’s helping explain why a certain product is the best, or capturing the passion you’ve infused into your business in a mission statement or company story. I’m constantly refilling my word-brain by reading 100+ books a year across all genres – so I’ve got a great base to tell YOUR story.


    As your content creator, I’ll help you understand the story you want to tell, share compelling experiences using words that sound like you,  and feel like you’re telling the best version of your story.

    I work on the whole spectrum of content, from articulating your brand’s core elements to building you a website that tells your story. If it uses words, I’m here to help you create it!


    My Portfolio

    Only In Bigfork: Choosing Home (December 2018)


    The Art of Simple: How Living Small Lets Me Dream Big

    (September 2018)


    Outdoor Women’s Alliance: Becoming an Ultrarunner

    (July 2018)


    Only In Bigfork: Get Outside! (June 2018)

    print & digital

    She Explores: Telling a Bigger Story

    (November 2017)


    Cait Flanders Guest Post: Learning to See the World

    (November 2017)


    WHOA Mag: Cultivating Bravery

    (February 2017)


    Adventure Junkies: Best Ski Glove Liners

    (March 2017)


    Adventure Junkies: How To Train For Skiing

    (April 2017)


    Adventure Junkies: Best Belize Liveaboards

    (July 2017)


    AltDaily.org: Local Author Profile: Mike D’Orso

    (February 2010)


    AltDaily.org:  Books & Authors That Mattered in the 2000s

    (December 2009)


    AltDaily.org: The Price War Over Books

    (December 2009)


    Brands I’ve Worked WIth


    Digital content for web, newsletter, and blog



    Website design and content refresh



    Digital content for web, blog, newsletter, and social media



    Digital content for web, newsletter, and social media



    Website redesign & tech holdings cleanup



    Website design & Facebook consultations



    General tech support & organization mission statement

    Board Chair (2019-) 


    Website design


    Brand Story Update